Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Slip Covers Can Change a Room

So many people are calling about slip covers. For a long time I referred them to other sources and then got to thinking.....hmmmmmm.....why can't I do them ? Couldn't think of one single reason I couldn't and so began the making of many slip covers at Ballard Bunting Boutique.

I started with just doing some small chair cushions, but realized the need is out there, so I felt I had to expand my creativity and tackle this new area of home decor. Many people don't want to buy new furniture because what they have is either comfy, fits their space, or it's just too expensive to replace existing pieces.

So now redo the whole room with new slip covers, some co-ordinating colorful pillows and finish it off with a great window treatment to keep the flow moving around the room. Using colors more than once in the room makes it all look so much more put together.

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