Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gift Certificates for that person you just don't know what to get ...

The Christmas Season is upon us ... have you started your shopping ?

If you need ideas for that really "difficult person to buy for", we have Gift Certificates for you to give in any amount you like with absolutely NO EXPIRATION DATE.

You just never know when you'll need alterations or to buy a gift for someone. This is why I never put an expiration date on our gift certificates. Nothing worse than finally needing something altered and then looking down at the bottom and seeing the gift certificate has JUST EXPIRED.

Well at BALLARD BUNTING you won't have that problem.

So stop in and see us and pick up as many Gift Certificates as you like.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Prom Season

Yes it's upon us once again and there are so many gorgeous gowns out there to choose from. Just know that once you find that special gown and you need it to fit 'just right' you can give us a call for an appointment and we will make you look your best in it.

We know that Prom is such an important time in your life that we really want to help make it the best ever.

We hope to see you soon at Ballard Bunting Boutique !!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

T-Shirt Quilts

So how many tee shirts do you have in your closet, drawers, or hanging in your closet ??? Do you wear them all or do you just store them for 'someday' when you might wear them ?  How about making a quilt out of them...here at Ballard Bunting we can do that for you. It makes a great keepsake as well as a very cozy blanket.

Some of the customers have made themed T- shirt quilts. Such as all their school shirts, maybe some were all sports related, another girl chose to make one with all the t-shirts she had bought as she traveled to different places, and then one was places that the person had worked. If you don't have a lot of shirts, you can also alternate them with a block of colored fabric to fill in.

Anyway you can stop in with your shirts and we can go over a plan and what would work best for you special quilt.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fabric Stash

Fabrics, fabrics and more fabrics...

What to do with it all ? I guess you just have to dig in and get started. Each of us stores our fabrics in a different way. Some by color, some in bins, some folded, some on bolts like in the fabric store, some just piled on shelves and some just all mixed in together.

Different ways work for different people, but whatever your way, it's got to be so you can find what you need in a reasonable amount of time. Or you end up going out and buying more for a project because you can't find what you KNOW you have SOMEWHERE !

So just get started and Happy 2014 !!!